Tips on successful Breeders’ Cup betting

The Breeders’ Cup is usually the thoroughbred racing season conclusion. These races most times determine who will be the champion of the division and become the winner of the Eclipse Award. It is very difficult to bet on the races and it is even harder to win the money. Just have in mind what you are betting on. Class is usually what differentiates the Breeders’ Cup races from all of the other races run in America. The Breeders Cup is only run by accomplished horses and these horses must have a tendency of extremely running well in huge races. This therefore means that any horse could win their race on any given day.

Find out the conditions of the race day. Obviously, there is a change in race day conditions every year, but this will also be factor into assisting you to find a winner; the track’s condition on Breeders’ Cup day is just as equally important. The turf will be softer in case it has been raining in the days approaching the race and this is where the European shippers get the advantage as they are used to that state of the turf. The race as well as your bet decision will be affected by such things.

Be on the look out for patterns. Sometimes, the fastest horse wins, but this does not happen always. Thus you will be required as the race day approaches, to look for horses which are coming into their own. A combinations that you need to look for is one which will improve races and have good workouts that are consistent and hence provides a pointer that your horse will have a big effort on race day. This is a day marked by all trainers on their calendars.

Close attention should be paid to the track surface. All-weather tracks and polytracks are growing in popularity across the United States. Some horses do fancy racing on them whilst others still prefer the conventional dirt. A runner who might appear not used to that particular running surface should be crossed out.

Completely avoid old handicapping tricks as this will just milk all that you have from your pockets. Remember that this is the breeders’ cup and whoever is here to run is the best of the best.