Top facts about World Breeders Cup Championships

The World Breeders Cup Championship has grown in popularity to become one of US’s biggest events. The Breeders Cup was created with the main aim of being a championship which usually took place at the end of the year and was participated mainly by North American horses. Nowadays however, the event has been an attraction of top thoroughbreds drawn from around the world and in particular Europe.

Founded in 1984 by John Gaines, who was a pioneer and a thoroughbred US owner as well as a breeder, the event began as a one day event and it was hosted around the US in different tracks and this enabled race lovers and goers drawn from across the United States to take part.

The Breeders Cup as a one day event, was to become one of the most awaited sports and all other stake races were surpassed by the attendance at this event.

The event as from 2007, extended to two days with the winning horses and their owners offered prize money of over $25 million. The Dubai world is the one that currently boasts the biggest single pay day for six races, it gives out a total purse of $21 million
The event held later in the year will return to the site of 2009. Churchill Downs Racecourse in Louisville Kentucky is the name of this site and it is an identical venue to the Kentucky derby. 1996 was the only year that a breeders Cup meeting was not held in the US and this is the time it took place in Woodbine Racetrack in Canada.
Each of the championship races allows 14 starters at the maximum and the performance of the horses in the races is the one used to rank the horses. Also part of the final word comes from a board of race experts who provide judgment as to the horses ranking.

The Breeders Cup is the highlight of racing season in the US and for all the enthusiastic horse race supporters out there, this is a must see event as the excitement provided is something that a fan will enjoy all through the race.