Breeders Cup Fashion

It is usually extremely fun to dress up for an enthusiastically awaited day at the races. Each year, alternating race tracks are used to hold Breeders Cup. But where it is held does not matter that much. What matters apart from going to watch the excitements, is the choice of fashion.

Where you will be seated is basically one of the best dressings for the horse racing guidelines. Fashion can comprise anything and this can be something that is more than casual dressing to being moderately dressed up. Importantly however, is to be familiar about the dress codes and luckily, several track clubhouses have dress codes. You should be able to check out with the track dress code if you are sited in a clubhouse as this will definitely help you in selecting your dress code accordingly.

Where is the race venue?

Certain racetracks are usually synonymous with particular fashion. A good example is the Kentucky derby usually held at Churchill downs. A fashion example in one of their trademark races is the women grandiose hats. However, there are other Breeders Cup areas where fashion can not be represented by hats. Breeders Cup usually takes place in different seasons under different atmosphere. The variations usually means different fashions

The internet is home to a number of fashions forums that are specifically for the track. You can also perform an internet search of particular events and see for your self the fashion that was put on at certain Breeders Cup events. Be sure to take into account that some tracks might have different standards than others


The Breeders Cup is an event that takes place at the end-of-the –year and therefore the weather might turn out to be warm or cold but will also be determined by the location of the track. The determining factor however, is the temperature and this will be the one to make you settle on either jeans or a dress, long or short sleeved fashion.

When choosing your attire, remember to consider whether you’ll be seated inside or out.

How Breeders Cup is followed

The beginning of Breeders Cup in 1984 was aimed at providing a years end championships that used to take place in North America. Breeders Cup popularity has nowadays seen it attended by horses from around the world through out racing. Originally, this event used to be a one day event but it then went on and increased to two days in 2007. And for those who are ardent horse racing followers, then they will attest to the fact that there is no excitement that beats the culmination of the horse racing season and this is what Breeders Cup is all about. And for those who would want to join into the excitement, then here is how you can follow the breeders Cup.

It is very simple and the first important thing you would require is to have access to websites that cover so much about horse racing. Secondly, you should have an understanding and this can be just a basic one of horseracing as well as the statistics involved. It is important to carry out a research of a number of horses prior to the onset of the racing season and then select the horses that you would want to watch.

Either continuously visit horse racing websites or you can attend the races or even do both so that you are able to keep yourself updated on horse statistics. The national thoroughbred racing association website will assist you in terms of checking the horse racing schedules. Some of the things available for you to check on include times/date as well as networks. Ensure that you note down your horses of choice progress. Do a recording of the wins, places as well as money that they earn. And if you have an interest in betting on your horses, then you can wager on the race’s favorite. Give a keen look at their stats and ensure that you follow advice provided by experts in the local papers. Alternatively, there is a tip sheet at the track that you can pick. Each week, make sure that you watch the Breeders Cup world championships poll. Mostly listed are the horses that are usually top ten in each category.